Custom-made products

What can be made?
For all custom-made products we take your individual wishes into account, paying particular attention to technical feasibility. Our experienced production department can process a wide range of materials, from PVC tarpaulins, tapes and mesh fabrics to antistatic and flame-retardant tarpaulins and nets.

In recent years, we have always found an optimal solution for every problem.
Frequently, keder tarpaulins made of PVC, woven- or mesh fabric have been produced for our customers. Further examples of custom-made products are dust-proof curtains, cover tarpaulins and nets in special sizes or in the fire classification B1. Antistatic tarpaulins for explosion-proof areas or products made of glass fibre fabric for special requirements were also manufactured.

Custom-made products are manufactured for your special requirements by our production department. Depending on the quantity, size and capacity utilization of the production, different delivery times may occur. The best thing is to call us, we will be happy to advise you.