Testing of Safety Nets

Why do side safety nets have to be tested?
The nets are personal protection nets and therefore safety nets. In order to further guarantee this safety for you and your employees, they must be checked annually for their tear resistance. Safety is an important topic, even for the professional associations. Every net has several test strings. If these are used up, the net itself can be sent in.

How do I have the side protection net checked?
The date on the test string indicates whether your side protection net (also known as roofer’s safety net) needs to be checked. If your side protection net is about to expire, you can simply send the test string to us and we will take care of the inspection after receipt. However, we can only test side safety nets that come from us. We generally do not test other side safety nets.

How long does the examination take?
Only one test string needs to be sent in per net. After receipt of your test strings, the test is carried out in the measuring laboratory, which can take up to 1-2 weeks, depending on capacity utilisation. After that we will send back the new test badges including the test protocol to you, which you will then have to attach to the corresponding nets. Nets that have fallen below the required values must be sorted out, as must damaged nets.

What does the exam cost?
The test is subject to a fee and is charged per test string. Please ask us for the costs. Unfortunately we have to deny the demand for a mobile measuring laboratory, because the strictly imposed measuring conditions have to be kept. These can only be guaranteed at a fixed location.